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How To Play The Game

Default keys
Turn left:
Turn right:
Strafe left:
Strafe right:
Primary fire:
Secondary fire:
Move up:
Move down:

Move your character around the map. Fire weapons and listen to the cool sounds. If playing multiplayer, try to find the other players. Shoot at them for fun, but since there is no collision detection, nothing will happen. As I'm sure you'll quickly notice, there are no game-like features available yet -- no power-ups, no mapobjects, no point to the game. This is all future work, I assure you.

When you get bored, hit ESC to return to the Launcher. Try out a new character or map, or try making your own.

How To Use The Server

Server Commands
map [mapname]:
desc [description]:
rate [fps]:
log 0|1:
Changes current map
Displays list of available maps
Sets new server description
Displays current state of server
Rate at which server sends updates
Resets the server to initial state
Resets benchmark stats
Turn on (1) or off (0) receive log
Toggle debug mode on/off
Displays this help screen
Shut down server
Use of Server

Play Nice uses a nameserver -> server -> client hierarchy. The nameserver is currently a single, fixed server running on The game servers all communicate automatically with this name server, reporting status changes on the fly. I encourage you to play around with running your own server. I need testers!

Use of the server is fairly self-explanatory. Start it up and it works right away. You may wish to change the default description, turn on logging or debug messages, or change the current map. Note: you must type the map name exactly as it appears in the maps/ folder, and it must include the .map extension.

I should mention that the server is not fool-proof. There are no checks for illegal map names, out-of-bounds rates, or lengthy strings (the description, for instance, is fixed at 31 characters). Use it at your own risk.

Other Comments

Launcher - Some people have reported problems with Windows immediately switching back to the Launcher after launching a new game. The game does not support ALT-TAB; thus, switching back crashes the game. The work-around seems to unchecking the "Show Launcher Status?" option in the Settings menu in the Launcher.

Map Editor - This is intended more for internal use, but you are welcome to try it out. Keep in mind that it may not always work as expected, as it is not a finished release. It should be fairly self-explanatory, though.

Character Editor - This is definitely intended for internal use and is not nearly as self-explanatory to use. I don't recommend editing anything on the "Animations" tab, but the other tabs should be harmless. It is especially fun to play around with the physics settings. You can assign sounds to a number of different events, but only ENGINE_IDLE is implemented in the game at this point.

Weapon Editor - Well, this doesn't exist yet. It's all hard-coded. I'm intending to make an editor soon.

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