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Release 03
December 6, 1999
Preparing Release 03a - prelim features and bugfixes.


What's New...
  • Coming soon: Release 03a. It will fix some installation problems that a few people have been having, and add the following two features.
  • Feature 1: Radar! It is currently ugly and slightly buggy, but functional and much-needed.
  • Feature 2: Collision detection! It is currently very buggy, very inaccurate, and generally annoying, but I suppose it's a start towards something good. No more ghost nukes flying around.
  • Note: the reason Release 03a is not available right now is I forgot to include a file in the distribution. I need to boot up my other computer in order to build the InstallShield package again, and since I'm lazy and it takes FOREVER to boot, I haven't gotten around to it yet. Sad, huh?
  • I finally got around to making an attractive web page for the game. What you're seeing right now is it. Feedback is appreciated.
  • An in-game radar display is in the works. This will make locating other players in the large maps much easier.
  • I am going to fix two significant bugs. One is a "Cannot copy file" error during installation. The other is an oversight on my part - Bytor currently will not run on Windows 95. It should.
  • Release 03 is out!!!
  • Bytor now has multiplayer support. I don't recommend using it on slow connections (sorry modem users), but I do plan on optimizing it soon. This was a brief but intense development period, and was used as a final project for CS523. Great source of motivation. :)
  • Check out the presentation "Multi-Player Networking in an Action-Based Computer Game" for CS523. Aaron Averbuch and Greg Kinasewitz assisted with this. Choose your format: [offline]
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