Kevin Goodier

Formal Me
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Autobiography in a nutshell
born april 5 1978 in Ashley, ND. raised in Jackson, MO. attended washington university in St. Louis from 1996 to 2001. graduated in may 2001 with m.s. in computer science. suffer from the dichotomy of loving tech work but disliking the environment. want to do design. want to DO stuff.

The Real World
april 2001
so i'm graduating soon. then what? i'm considering the great job angle - think microsoft. i'm considering the early-retirement angle - think traveling around the country in an rv and visiting national parks and cool cities and rock climbing. i'm considering the st. louis / loft angle - think convenience, way cool loft, and design or research associate.

november 2002
i'm still enjoying the work i do for the media and machines lab at wu. i've been here 1 1/2 years. i get to do a large variety of cool things, including our famous robot photographer lewis.

oh, i also have a girlfriend - my favorite one ever - erin. she's fantastic. i think i'll keep her. here she is in a wonderfully ethereal photo taken by none other than lewis the robot.

rock climbing. programming. graphic design. building stuff with wood and metal and power tools. lifting. pubnight. happiness. toyota supras.

i like Piet Mondrian. can you tell? oh, that reminds me - this website will look terrible if not viewed with Internet Explorer. sorry Netscape users.

The List - movies, books, music

The Car - info, tech tips about my 1989 toyota supra