Mr. Loft

What is Mr. Loft?

Mr. Loft is the home of Kevin, Bill, Nathan, and Patrick. It is absolutely the coolest place to live in all of St. Louis. You don't believe me, do you? We have:

  • Five thousand square feet
  • One freight elevator
  • Two trap doors
  • Two minute walk to Busch Stadium and the Metrolink
  • Convenient free parking for baseball games
Still don't believe me? Come visit us! Check out the driving directions.

Who lives in the loft?

It's now a motley collection of fools. Some of us hail from Washington University, some of us don't. The list:

  • Kevin Goodier
    Move-in date: August 2000
    Nickname: Sniper
    Bio: cs staff, art, thinking, climbing, building stuff
    [web] [email]

  • Bill Hudgins
    Move-in date: June 2002
    Nickname: Billiams
    Bio: musician, sales dude, expert thrift shopper, biker
    [web] [email]

  • Nathan Snider
    Move-in date: June 2002
    Nickname: Nate-dog
    Bio: geology staff, mars researcher, music afficionado
    [web] [email]

  • Patrick Vaillancourt
    Move-in date: July 2002
    Nickname: P
    Bio: media sculptist, 3d modeler, electronic music
    [web] [email]

Who used to live here?

  • Nick Haddad
    Nickname: Sweet Pea
    Bio: grad student, cs, doozie, folk, audio
    [web] [email]

  • Steve Donahue
    Nickname: Biff
    Bio: grad student, cs, baseball, vb, bud, big red things
    [web] [email]

  • Richard Souvenir
    Nickname: Pimp Dog
    Bio: grad student, cs, hockey, art chicks, waffle man
    [web] [email]

  • Danny Sherwinter
    Nickname: Danny-Sauce
    Bio: boeing, ee, staam, chem lab, music
    [web] [email]

  • Rich Unger
    Nickname: Rat Bastard
    Bio: grad student, nuance, cs, voice rec, drama, swinging
    [web] [email]

Coming soon...

More stuff will be appearing here shortly, including

  • Maps
  • Construction tips
  • Pictures of people who pee on our building
  • Bios
  • Honorary Loft inductees
Stay tuned!

Email all of us at