Erin and Kevin's Great RV Adventure

Hello. This is the home of Erin and Kevin's adventures in a 1982 Winnebago motorhome. We intend to travel all over the United States for a couple of weeks or months. We'll update this website as often as possible with travel logs, GPS tracks, locations, maps, and photos from along the way.

Latest Update 10/3/03 from Mesa Verde RV Resort:
OK, so I haven't updated this section very often.  Maybe I'll get better?  It helps having a fast internet connection from inside the RV.  That's right, this is the first RV park we've encountered that not only offers some kind of internet access, but they offer a wired high-speed link at each campsite and even provide a long ethernet cable.  I discovered they offer wireless as well, but it's unadvertised and our RV is about 10' too far away.  This is a great campground!  A young couple owns it, they have an outdoor spa, a cozy indoor TV/fireplace/lounging area, and it's just outside the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park.

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