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Friday, July 15, 2005

Your random stuff of the day

OK. 3 things. All random. But all cool.

1. Check out This guy rocks! Great fonts, good design skills, and all free!

2. Check out Someone combined several great sources of data into a highly cool Seattle bus website. It integrates real-time bus locating, bus stop, and bus routes with Google maps and real-time traffic information.

3. Puget Sound Energy ( is a really great company. Their bills break down your energy usage and compare it with previous months. They also have a handy website where you can view your energy usage with daily granularity going back many months or years. They also offer customers the option to buy green power (hydroelectric, wind, etc) for a very small premium. I just signed on for 400KW of "green" electricity for only $8 extra per month. That's small enough to absolutely make it worthwhile.


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